buffalo in Buffalo

First of all, downtown Buffalo is quite a small city and there is not too much to see. Overall Buffalo has about 256,000 inhabitants. The city was named after nearby Buffalo Creek, which itself was probably named after the American buffalo.

The city of Buffalo is located just at the border with Canada and is adjacent to Fort Erie on the Canadian side. It is set along Lake Erie where the River Niagara has its origin.

On the edge of the water, there is a little more action and things to see. On-street parking costs $ 1 per hour and becomes free from 18:00, and free on Sundays. Near the water, you can easily park for free. From there you can walk!

If you are a fan of old abandoned factories, you will be served when you venture just beyond the city center. In addition you can even see the site of a “Battleship”. It’s always impressive to see, especially so close! We can visit it.

Know that there is a metro in the city, which looks more like a streetcar, which adds to its charm, and is free downtown! What a great way to visit the city! It’s funny since it only has one subway line. In the “free fare zone” you will drive in the main street that will take you to the edge of the water! Really very practical! And since it’s free, you can then take a walk!

The beach

It will not necessarily be the first reflex we have when looking for what to do in Buffalo, right? Being on the shores of Lake Erie and the Great Lakes, there are necessarily very beautiful beaches nearby. One good choice is to go to Woodlawn Beach State Park. The entrance is 7 dollars per vehicle and the beach officially opens around 10am. If you come early you will be the only ones on the beach but you wil not have to pay the entrance fee.

The sand is somewhat rocky but it will allow you to go in search polished green rocks. There are wind turbines at one end of the beach and it is really impressive to be so close.

Forest Lawn Cemetery

You can set your sights to the Forest Lawn Cemetery since it always stands out in the must see list in Buffalo. The cemetery is so huge that it’s impossible to do it on foot. Even by car you have to calculate a certain amount of time to see everything. Two extremely important tips are (1) first take a card at the entrance and follow the routes already planned on the ground; (2) make sure you do not arrive at the closing.

In short apart from staying locked up for the night there are still other things to see. In known personalities there is among others Rick James. You may remember the song “Super Freak”? There is a kind of stair-shaped sculpture by Frank Lloyd Wright in a landscaped park. It’s really strange.

Buffalo does not wear that name for nothing. No matter where you are, be certain that you will come across at least once a day a statue representing a Buffalo, often very colorful, or represented with family! It’s really cute! In addition, you will never see as many Canadian flags in a city, not even in Canada! It’s everywhere, so it feels like Canada! In fact, there is always an exit or a bridge that says “This way if you want to go to Canada”!

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